Artist's Profile:

The purpose of my art is to help create a sense of harmony with the cosmos and within ourselves, recollecting our original state of being before the separation, when all was one. But instead of returning to that primal state, the focus is on creating a new harmony that has never before existed.

My artistic influences have been many and varied. Perhaps the leading influence has been the great German Expressionist, Emil Nolde. I was first introduced to Nolde's work by my watercolor teacher, Inessa Derkatsch, in the late 1970's. Inessa was a great Nolde fan, and we spent much of our studio time doing paintings in the Nolde style.

Although Nolde did figures, flowers, and landscapes, it was his
landscape paintings that fired my imagination. His expressionistic use of colors and shapes suggests new dimensions that we can vaguely sense but not yet see.

Another powerful influence has been the abstract painters from the latter part of the 20th century. Of these, Mark Rothko stands out. Rothko developed his own sort of abstract visual language to suggest subtle dimensions beyond the ordinary. I love his work and can look at it for hours.

I seldom mention the fact that my work is now produced on the computer. The computer is an amazing tool to help an artist achieve their purpose. I love my Mac G4 and my new Titanium PowerBook. In the final analysis, however, art is art regardless of how it is produced.