One year ago the first "opened" its internet doors, presenting its maiden exhibition of digital artists from around the world. Truly a labor of love by its has in the ensuing year given ninety-four digital artists a monthly forum to present their works to the world. Thus, the museum has presented over fourteen hundred works of digital art in its first year of existence! And is truly an international undertaking, featuring artists not only from the United States, but from nations including Canada, Mexico, Spain, Australia, India, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, Korea, Turkey, Ireland, Sweden, Ecuador, Argentina, United States, Holland, the Netherlands, Japan, Yugoslavia, New Zealand, and Portugal. There are no restrictions, qualifications, resumes, censorship, fees, or limitations imposed on the artists--only the requirement that the submitted works come straight from the artist's creative heart and soul. On display is that pure artistic expression in digital form, as enhanced by the words of the artists themselves. Hence, it is hardly surprising that numerous talented digital artists have patiently waited (or are patiently waiting) for their opportunity to be exhibited in During that first year, the look of the museum has evolved through the continuing efforts of the designers-curators to improve both the ease of its use and the aesthetics of its design. The lobby of the museum has evolved into a unique collaborative work of digital art in which the creators fuse the museum's design with a work of one of the featured artists for the month, in conjunction with a written expression of some aspect of the artistic perspective of the digital artist.

During its first year, the museum could not help but attract the attention of the press--as a featured site in the May/June 2000 of MacToday; Apple and as the subject of a detailed article in the Dallas Morning News on May 11, 2000.

With so many fine artists and works on display, it is difficult to focus the spotlight on particular artists. A survey of the Past Exhibitions can only reveal the great diversity of the field of digital art. From the fantasticly vivid abstractions of Mickey Shine, intended to depict visually the "sound" of his music, to the alien skies of David Palermo; from the lovely scanned watercolor landscapes of Roger Cummiskey, to the enigmatic and solitary cityscapes from another dimension of Kolya Tatic; from the dreamlike digital photographs of Ireland of John Michael Riley, to the fantastic figures of Gabriele Brugnaro, has begun its mission of documenting the evolution of this new extension of the artistic domain.

We want to thank you to all the artists for being part of this digital project.

Guadalupe Divina

Barbara Houghton

Will Kramer

Correia Emmanuel

Atamara Rebeca Cloe

Ansgard Thomson

Kelly Billette

Allen Toney

Bert Bottino



Ted Bragg

Peter Sharpe

Antero Guerra Inacio

Tom Durham

Brent Brumfield

Rick Duim

Kolja Tatic

Harald Seiwert

Cecil Herring

Elizabeth Tomchek

S. Chutiwongpeti

Miklos Legrady


Renata Ratajczyc


Duncan Long

Ursula Freer

B. E. Wendt

Micky Shine

Dominic Ali

Bjorn Dampfling

Panda Gielen

Martine Jacobs

J. March Zuriguel

Harold Olejarz

Jan Ternald

Corinne Whitaker

Robert Dowing

Guiseppe Mariotti

Linda Martin

Dan McCormack

Vincent Pucciarelli

Tom Repasky

Jon Michael Riley

Fischer West

Cem Gul

Dalton Leonard

Yevgeniy Fiks

Jack Stots Lewis

Rick Lieder

Mayo Mac Boggs

Richard Beer

Steve Soper

Jane L. Baldridge

David Camp

Clay Hagebusch

Jun-Ho Lee

David Palermo

Afanassy Pud

Walter Spaeth

Shailesh Veera

Judith Billingsley

Rodolfo F. Frino

Steve Gliebe

Larry Hopewell

Alvaro Malave

Renata Spiazzi

Tony Vengraitis

Wajid Yaseen

Stephen Beveridge

Gabriele Brugnaro

Roger Cummiskey

Clark Dunbar

Mildred J. Riley

Ralph Manis

Demetrios Vakras

Nancy Wood

Teresa Antene

Rick Borstelman

Jean Detheux

Susan G. Holland

Oliver Loveday

Barbara Patera

Umashankar Sharma

David Lorenz Winston

Caplyn Dor

Rahul Gajjar

Donna G. Goodman

Elena Lanham

Diego Manuel Rodriguez

Siegfried Schreck

Rick Stevens

David Works