Artist Statement

Before all, some words about this thing called art, there are two possibilities to "make" art, First: you just sit down and do some painting, about rage for instance. What you will get is a painting about rage how you think rage might be. You did a painting about your imagination of rage - but you didn't paint rage... , "Second: you are angry, in a rage. The one and only possibility to express your rage is to take that sponge and dip it into that bucket of red paint and throw it at this canvas. Shout at it, roar, cry rage that canvas! The red color is dripping at the floor. If the canvas has survived your first raging attacks, you notice the red color calming. You want to go on with some yellow. The painting will become more subtle, so your rage... At the end the canvas contains your rage, your expression... You just put down this very authentic moment on this canvas, with all your power, all your rage. Now art has become living... Art indeed is living And Living is art .........happy hours with my art .........and with your life