Artist Statement

There's a certain risk in mystery, in allowing a deliberate ambiguity into the process of making art.

Too much mystery and the work stays shrouded, unable to make the leap to the viewer's eye, unable to engage either the senses or the emotions; too little, and the viewer is denied the active participation that art should offer, the chance to remake the image in one's own gaze, to make the image one's own.

I believe in mystery, and believe that it's worth the risk. When I make art my purpose is to create something I have never seen before, to bring to light a vision that will provoke, or disturb, or astonish me - the same experience I hope to provide for the viewer.

I work in a variety of media - painting, photography, sculpture, digital, collage - because the process of combination is itself exciting for me, and because in that combination of one thing with another, in the nexus of contrast, the friction of pixel and oil, iron and light, I find I can go places, see things, that I could not, by definition, encounter with one medium alone.