Art is visual, not verbal.
I am a life long compulsive visionary and all of my paintings follow the same thread. They begin with an unplanned line that represents a road or course that leads me into a mind journey. The line develops into forms that are ambiguous, then may explode and evolve into new forms, like energy changing forms.
My style may be somewhat similar to Joan Miro's or Paul Klee's in that it is direct and unplanned. Yet it differs in that the subject matter is produced entirely by the subconscious.
The second it becomes a conscious effort, the integrity of the work is lost.
I am currently pursuing a B.A. in Fine Art and Philosophy at a local university.
Art is a process of bringing into the light the unseen subconscious aspects of the mind where creativity originates.
To merely imitate or reflect is akin to the properties of water (mindless), but to create, to invent, is evidence of mind. Likewise, mind is evidence of spirit, and the creative process is a bridge between the spiritual world and the physical world.
The impulse to create is primal and not entirely physically oriented. Mind is from spirit. Spirit is from God. True art does not exist behind the guise of education or trend, but illuminates the existence of mind beyond and apart from matter.
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