I began my work as a digital artist when I took a few computer classes (Photoshop, Illustrator. QuarkXpress, Pagemaker) in the fall of 1995.

It was not until the next spring that I was able to get my own computer and really start learning and creating. And from there on in I'm pretty much self taught.

I took a few art classes in collage, but never had a lot of success with traditional media.

I had to wait for computer technology to be where it is now to find a medium where I could truly express mytalents. (And in the meantime I was busy expressing my creativity as a music teacher, but that's another story.)

My inspiration comes from lots of sources, and ultimately from the Universe, the "all that is" that we are all a part of.

Sometimes I see something someone else has done and take the kernel of the idea and let it change and grow in whatever way it wants to.

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