Artist Statement

After more than three decades of intense work with natural media, I had to abandon painting a few years ago because the paint fumes were killing me.

Little did I know that I would later start working on a computer, and find ways to continue, this time digitally, that which had started many years ago in a Belgian art school.

My best work had always come from those moments during which I no longer knew what to do, but proceeded anyway with as much care and attention as I was able to provide.

Time and again my better work was an almost total surprise to me, often perceived at first as a “mistake,” seldom seen, at that time, as possibly “the next step.”

When starting to work on a computer, I vowed I would find ways to reach such moments with the computer also, or quit.

I am delighted to say that, with tools like Painter and Studio Artist, it is indeed possible to “loose oneself” while working, just like I used to do when working with natural media.

Now, the digital tools have also allowed me to discover animation, as in “a painting unfolding in time.”

Digital 2D animation, along the lines of “Abstract Expressionism” is now becoming the main focus of my work.