Artist Statement

Creating digital art appeals greatly to my love of the "small story"--the cropped frame of a bit of life that has a world of variations in it.

As with a camera's macro lens, one can get up close and see each pixel that makes up a visual field, but one can also use the computer's manipulating powers to alter these pixels in surprising ways that go beyond the possibilities of paint.

I chose the human eye for this exhibit. Pulled away from its usual surroundings the eye disarms by becoming a marble, a pearl, a helix, a shell, an orifice! It looks back at the viewer for as long as it likes!

I am working with only two fairly simple programs in this grouping-- a limited palette, as it were--: CDH's Image Explorer Pro and ArcSoft's Photo Studio for Windows.

I think my favorite image here is the "Eye on Half Shell." It seems to stand alone without apology, gazing forever like a Cyclops from inside its shell-like enclosure.