Artist Statement

I was born in 1938 and raised in the Midwest and upstate New York. I'm married, and the mother of two grown children.

Throughout the years my family and I have lived in many places, from Anchorage, Alaska to Marathon key. The in-betweens, being Texas, Illinois and northern Wisconsin. At present live in the Seattle area with my husband of forty years and three ancient cats.

In my memory I have always drawn and built things Built, everything, from dolls and monsterous puppets, to ceramic sculpture . As to the drawing, for me, it is a form of breathing.

As an artist I am self- taught. Have shown both prints and pottery in numerous galleries throughout the country. However, most of my art career was spent as a production potter in the Pacific Northwest.

What you see here is a new venture for me. I've gone digital.

All these images are drawn with the mouse using either the Microsoft Paint program or Meta Creations Painter 3D. I find the computer to be an exciting new and wonderfully clean tool.