In painting I can express my emotions.

When I have the canvas, the paint, and the brushes, I can transform a white piece of material into images and feelings.

That is when my feeling soar, because I know I can fly, and I can live forever, because that canvas will carry part of my sensibility and my intellect for all eternity.

I love Art and I am crazy about some of the masters who, with their magic hands, can transform an inanimate canvas into a fantastic and unknown world.

I used to paint in the traditional way, but one day, I got involved in a marvelous unknown world to me, I got my fist Mac; form there I discovered that the computer was an incredible tool to create inimaginable things.

Using the mouse and looking my work on the screen it is very exciting to me, Plus I don't have to clean the mess I used to make when I painted oils.

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