Artist Statement

The inner depth and symbolism of Surrealism has always intrigued me.

My background as a former blood laboratory technician has been instrumental in shaping the direction of my paintings and graphics scientifically as well.

By combining Science and art within much of my work, each piece assumes an independent lifeform taking the viewer into a unique intellectual horizon.

Some of my most recent work contains scientific and mathematical symbolism. By incorporating unique formulas and equations that produce infinite fractal dimensions within my work, the viewer might intellectually travel into the painting and feel as if they have actually entered another realm.

By fusing these elements within each creation, the paintings become a story of unique surreal vistas which contain elements of mathematics, science and metaphysics.

The incorporation of the glass tube with double helixes within a few of my paintings relates to DNA's structure.

The symbolic coupling of atoms within the cylinder/vacuum produces wavelengths that also represent DNA strands.

The strands residing within these cylinders are relative to the evolution of quantum vacuum bubbles containing small fluctuations of energy, which after being released, escape into the uppermost part of the cylinder. This represents my artistic vision of a cross section of a conventional laser which contains excited atoms and a vacuum chamber of a single atom laser which constantly releases energy and electromagnetic fields.

The importance of Mandelbrot fractals are also symbolically embedded within some of my work reflecting upon the infinite nature of the universe and it’s relationship to life, energy and the creative process of art itself.

The connection of the mysteries of Science combined with the subconscious nature of Surrealism is rooted deeply within each painting that I create.

The subconscious holds keys to many doors.

Caplyn Dor