Artist Statement

Nature is available to us freely, and gives us life and the most wonderful experiences just by watching and feeling her during the different hours of the day.

Nature is a sunset, a sunrise, the waves and the endless horizon of the sea, the water running over the rocks in a river, the foliage of the trees, the diversity of beautiful, colored flowers, the majestic peaks of the mountains, the universal forms of the clouds in a blue sky, the feeling of the rain and the wind in our faces, and much more.

I create art to express with forms and colors how important it is to keep nature as intact as we can
to be able to breath pure air, drink clean water, and leave our children a safe place to live and enjoy Nature without destroying it.

Digital art gives me the opportunity to combine photographs of nature with digital tools and colors to express my thoughts deeply and to communicate them vividly to the rest of the world without any limitations.