Artist Statement

Siegfried Schreck was born in Bottrop, in the western part of Germany.

After an apprenticeship as a craftsman, he was employed working in underground mining.

In 1968 he went to live in Hamburg to become a sailor. Soon thereafter he met his wife and decided to live as a "landlubber" from there on.

Nowadays he works in the Freeport as a technical foreman.

In 1980 he began to write poems and songs for several composers and interpreters, also in the commercial branch.

From 1990 to 1998 he made a long "pause for effect".

By a lucky coincidence he discovered the Internet for himself and finally found the right environment to develop his artistic passion.

With this the joy and fun missed for so long returned.

Today he writes song themes for Achim Reichel and children's songs for a music publisher, paints and is a keen digital photographer, always in accordance with the motto "satisfy my daily curiosity..."

Siegfried Schreck is an artist who surely loves to challenge himself in various fields: painting, poetry, writing lyrics.

He once wanted to surf the oceans for adventure and that dream brought him to Hamburg, the great Hanseatic City.

He actually didn't leave but now he's actively surfing the Net meeting other artist with whom he's planning many mutual projects.

This isn't really the first time for him on a virtual gallery.