Artist Statement

I spend a lot of time with computers.

I use them in my job of teaching psychology and I use them for recreation when I go home.

There are similarities between the ways that people think and the ways that computers think.

When studying the thinking processes of people, psychologists often use computer models.

To produce art using a computer, a person has to learn the way that a computer thinks and then use that knowledge to get their own thoughts displayed by the computer.

It becomes a tool, just like a brush, an airbrush, a camera, or a silkscreen.

Some would say that any piece that produces an emotional response is art.

A computer adds to the ways that art can be produced, and it adds to the variety of characteristics that can make up a work of art.

Using a computer, a digital pad, and hundreds of settings an artist can mimic a painter with a paint brush.

However, the real value of a computer in art is its ability to make something that causes an emotional response that is a little bit different.

I hope that people will find my images to be a little bit different.