Artist Statement

I am not so much interested in making images with the computer, as I am in exploring the kinds of images which the computer automatically produces.

In other words, I seldom use the "painting tools."

Instead, I rely upon fractal generating programs, as well as applying fills and filters which are found in most pixel manipulation software.

Clearly, I never seem to tire of the infinite variety of "mandala like" images this approach makes possible.

I have worked in the style of the post modernist pattern and design movement since 1966.

I first used the computer to assist in the making of a series of fine art prints: The I'Ching Series, in 1973.

My most recent project is Portfolio 2000: a selection of 24
computer generated images from the years 1995 to 2000, archive quality printed, 11" square, in a signed and numbered limited edition of 6 copies only.