Artist Statement

I like to realize both digital images (3D and 3D) as well as oil paintings stimulated by my curiosity to investigate a wide variety of completely different subjects through the eyes of imagination and fantasy.

I am particularly fascinated by digital art and its possibilities, and I am continually searching for and experimenting with new techniques.

Sometimes I realize the same image both in the digital medium as well as in the traditional medium of oil painting.

I find that the experience acquired with one medium is useful in the other.

I feel that the common thread which runs through my images - although they differ very much one from another - is a positive vision of life, a sense of confidence in human capacities, a desire to dream and a love of nature.

My office is in Todi, a very lovely, old town located in central Italy, in the Umbrian region. Founded around 2,700 B.C. by the Umbrians, it was subsequently an Etruscan, and then a Roman town.

In the last few years it has attained a certain world-wide fame as the object of a study carried out by a group of architects, headed by Richard Levine, involved in the analyis of the 'self-sustainable city'.

I live with my wife, Diane (who is originally from New York), my two children, Deborah and Tommy, our dog, Odie, and four cats.