Artist Statement

I am creating images that resonate with things that exist just below the level of consciousness. As I create them and they begin to be revealed, I stop at a point at which they no longer seem to be just coming from the unconscious place but have a life of their own.

The stopping point of the evolution is arbitrary.

In my digital work, I start with a very simple image and then distort and transform it again and again until something in it makes me feel it is complete.

Although there are often formal elements regarding the composition and so on, those things come out of my having been trained formally as an artist. The essence of the works is non-rational.

When my inner world is revealed through these images that emerge out of the subconscious, they also have the potential to reveal something to the viewer of the work. In this way, they have the power to transform the viewer.
When I am aware of how the person responds to the images, I am also transformed, so that my experience of other people's responses begins to define my own inner reality.

* Chuck Levitan Gallery Third Annual National Exhibition, 1997, juried by Audrey Flack
* New York University Small Works Competition, juried by Ivan Karp

* Manhattan Arts International 1997 Award of Merit

* Tony Stakis, New York, NY
* Alex and Cindy Roy, New York, NY
* Rita Spanu, Rome, Italy
* Maryann and Anthony Archambault, Riverside, CA
* Peter and Deborah Michael, Westminster, CA

* B. F. A., Pratt Institute, New York, NY
* Parsons School of Design, New York, NY
* School of Visual Arts, New York, NY