Artist Statement

What started as a "cobweb clearing" landscape photo-imaging project in the West of Ireland has turned into an engrossing in-depth look at Irish history & culture.

The project is called "Ireland: Spirits in the Land" and in the body of work, I am trying to visually address many recurring historical themes such as the Great Hunger of 1845-50 and Ireland's long struggle for Independence.

Also, I had gone to Ireland to find my Grandmother Eva's village, to breath in the soft moist air of that dense lovely country and to try to find something of my own as well as my family's past.

It has become an on-going work and has turned into gallery shows and a book which, hopefully, will come to completion in the next year.

The images seen here are just a small portion of the larger body of work. They are printed in Limited Editions on heavy 24" X 35" Arches watercolor paper using the latest Iris/Giclee archival technology.