Artist Statement

For many years I created artwork not for a commercial audience, but purely for my own enjoyment. I was teaching myself the skills of digital art and having so much fun with it that I couldn't wait to create every picture.
With this excitement spurring me on, there was little time to imbue each picture with deep philosophical meaning - so I turned to the most immediate stories I could - those of my own life, travels, and experiences.

What resulted was a body of personal work-portraits of time that belonged to family and friends made digitally surreal - encasing a person's spirit within the subject of their favourite book, location or event (such as the Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter self portrait).
The fact that these pictures contained personal mementos made them inherently appreciable to the subject themselves, while whether by luck or some other intangible quality, they also found resonance with a wider audience on-line. When my pictures first made their way to the web in 1995, almost every day brought email encouragement for more.

I'm still excited by my digital tools - still get carried away from time to time. But I also spend more time planning new works - aiming to reach that difficult balance of personal recognition and general appeal - of an image that strikes a chord in all without being obvious or mainstream in interpretation - a picture with something for everyone, but even more for those who know the subject well, or look a little deeper.

Fischer West is a well-traveled Australian. Having worked in the fields of advertising, marketing and web development, he is currently creative director of a large web search and navigation company.
When he's not working, he's painting with pixels.
Fischer West currently lives in Melbourne..