Artist Statement

My pictures are the best statement I can possibly give, and this should be taken literally. I never consciously plan what I'm going to draw, and it has to stay that way until I'm finished. But then, it either looks like I followed a perfect masterplan or I throw it away.

Ever since I could hold a pencil I have drawn pictures. I only draw in those hours in which I feel the intense urge to do so, because only then the result is substantial enough for keeping. This way creating a picture like "Fischtraum" ("Dream of the Fishes") took, for example, nine months. On the other hand, I have drawn or painted for 15 hours in one stretch and I value the result to be in the same ranks.

For me drawing is the hard-to-describe feeling of freedom from outer reality, which still enters everything you create through your subconscious. And the computer, as a perfect drawing tool (nothing more, I like it but don't need it), is the adequate instrument to express the basically non-material character of my creations.

If I start from "reality" I photograph. This is a different way for me of creating graphics corresponding to my subconscious, through finding, selecting and modifying visual parts of the outer world.