Artist Statement

Searching and creating innovations in visual art today is quite a challenge, since so much has already been done.

Can figurative art be innovative and enrich? I believe it can. I'm passionate about discovering new ways of blending life with art.

After college I started to travel to many foreign countries.
The images I saw made deep impressions in mine experience.

I soon realized that I wanted to express these experiences,
through drawing and painting. I visited museums, markets and other places where people gathered so that I could draw.
I also attended a private Art Academy in Amsterdam.
I began to exhibit after finishing the Academy.

I'm in love with the bright colors and feel,

I am serving the Tibetan cause, with the motivation of service to humankind, not for reasons of power, not out of hatred.
Not just as a Tibetan but as a human being, I think it is worthwhile, to preserve that culture,that nation,
to contribute to world society.

We Tibetans have an equal right to maintain our own distinctive culture as long as we do not harm others

Materially we are backwards, but in spiritual matters - in terms of the development of the mind - we are quite rich.

I am often asked about my Buddhist religion. Most simply, it is the practice of compassion.