Artist Statement

I have been painting for years with acrylics, cardboards and canvas in a traditional way. Also, I have been working with computers since 1982. I begun with an Amiga of Commodore.

Now, I feel so comfortable with my virtual work that I left acrylics altogether.

Computers are extraordinary machines for the speed they have. You can almost follow the speed of the mind ideas. Also, you can work with information instead of atoms. So, information is virtually immortal as a book.
And like a book you can make endlessly copies, so art becomes more popular.

I would like to think that the Web and virtual art can break the elitism of the actual art world.

I work with any images that I like. Mixing, doing, undoing, until I find something. I use my PC with liberty and never pretending to do something

Ideas and images come for themselves. Is like cooking.

You have the ingredients, then you have to know how to mix and cook them.

I am a mystery for myself. A book that I am reading. I don't know what will happen tomorrow. Also I don't know what art is . I don't know anything. Life is a mystery too. I paint because is what I can do better. Or perhaps is a disease. Who knows.