Artist Statement

Neither photographs nor computer altered photographs, these images document the performance of my hands and the object or objects I may be holding.

My hands are the actors and the scanner is their stage.

My hands may assume a static, inexpressive gesture and then move in an expressive way. The poses and the actions I take are captured and documented on my computer screen. As I continue to gesticulate during the scanning process, I distort the image I am creating.

Unlike computer manipulated images, which rely on software to manipulate and distort a still image, I am interacting with the scanning process to manipulate and distort how the scanner perceives my hands and/or
the objects I am holding.

The images are realistic, distorted, expressive and often have a strong sculptural feel. Though these images may look like photographs, a moment in time captured on film or disc, they are actually many moments that are woven together, over time, line by line.

Vanitas Series
Vanitas refers to a type of painting meant to depict the transience of life. Vanitas vanitatum (vanity of vanities) is the Latin phrase from which the word is derived. In this series, I pair my left hand with a skull. My hand, moving and expressive, symbolizes my life. Skulls have symbolized mortality in Still Life as early as the sixteenth century. Hand and skull, life and death, move together in these images.

Bare Love Series
Intimacy is the subject of Bare Love. A pair of salt and pepper shakers nestled in my hand are surrogrates that reveal a range of emotions in this series of images.