Artist Statement

Jan Ternald born in the year of the Dragon 1952, Göteborg in Sweden. I've been working as an artist since 69, exhibiting in galleries, anthills & museums, working in oil, watercolor, tempera, sculpture & airbrush. I'm also musician & spent years in the 70´s touring with different groups. I've been doing theater decor & book illustrations. I spent ten years traveling in Asia, South America & Europe painting & collecting impressions. I was curious about the computer & its possibilities to create images a long time but it was all to expensive until 3 years ago when I finally got a Mac & since then I've been completely absorbed in the digital creation of images in 3D, some animation and creating some commercial games. The process of adapting to the media is a big challenge & it takes a lot of work to be able to express your own style, the tools are so different. Even the attitude from people around you can be quite condescending. My first program was BRYCE, a beautiful, creative program for a beginner, but I missed a modeller & faster renderings, so for some time I've used Cinema4D which has a little of everything, I'm learning StudioMax, a very advanced & demanding tool, but lacks the warm atmosphere of BRYCE. But now I have BRYCE 4 which is a great improvement & does all my rendering. Everything goes through Photocopy & Painter for more or less modification, some images are entirely composed in Photocopy. I use Poser for bodies. I suffer most from not being able to create soft ,varm living organic figures, the 3D media is still very technical & complicated for a traditional artist, & of course you miss the smell of turpentine but its such a challenge & Im hoping for programs with a intuitive & simple interface to create advanced & alive 3D shapes. At the moment Im designing, illustrating & animating games for TV besides doing my own images.