Artist Statement

In 1981, out of curiosity, I bought an Apple IIe desktop computer. There was no mouse. There were no menus.

Many of us stayed up until all hours of the night exploring this new world; with no map to guide us we never knew if we could trace the same route on a subsequent voyage.

We felt like Marco Polo's of the mind, bringing back new intellectual spices with each trip.

Over the subsequent years, tools for artists became available.

The first challenge was to recreate the familiar art world of painting, drawing and photography in a binary form.

Beginning in 1992, however, I became convinced that digital imaging needed a new vocabulary, a new iconography to reflect the radically new vision of the world offered by the computer.

Since then I have concentrated on developing a native digital language, born of the marriage between zero and one.

These images reflect that ongoing quest.

c. Corinne Whitaker 2000