As digital artists, we all require a certain command of technical expertise quite unlike the conventional painter.

I began dabbling in digital art about five years ago, but most seriously during the last year.

I only claim to know just enough to get the visions in my head down to the computer screen. And that's what drives continual learning, as the pictures in my head get continually more intricate.

Being artists, we all try to appeal to the senses; and that's the area that pushes me hardest. It's great when you see a picture and say 'nice' or 'cool effect'.... what my greatest desire is for you, the viewer, to look at one of my pictures, and see a woman's hair blowing in the wind and wonder where the coolness on your cheek is coming from.... to see her stepping out of the water and feel droplets evaporate under the summer sun... to see a picture and know, really know what her skin feels like while running hard through desert dust...

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