Artist Statement

My background is in oil painting. And until a year and a half ago I had never considered buying a computer.

That is until I saw the works of two digital artists on the cover of a digital arts magazine. These two artists were Australian artist Tim Umney & Greek born artist (now living in London) Christos Magganas. Essentially I saw works, very similar to mine, created on a computer. It was then that I realised that unless I got my hands on a computer that the multitude of ideas that I have for paintings could never be unleashed!

On Christmas of 1998 I bought a Mac. In January 1999 I purchased Photoshop 5. In an 8 week period from February to April of 1999 I created the equivalent in computer images of 3 to 4 years worth of my usual output of paintings! Five of the images on this site are from that period.

The photography is my own. Taken over the course of many years the photographs were intended as references for paintings - you can't drag engines and machinery into your studio! Many of the Photoshop images are based on rough drawings and sketches which had been intended as paintings.

In March of this year I installed Bryce 3D after coming across the work of Jac Grenfell (known as Kano).

The difference for me between my Bryce images and Photoshop ones is that they have developed without any preconceived ideas.

They are not based on sketches... Although, I have to add, my latest Bryce image, orbcatchers, is actually based on a 3D model I was making which was intended as a reference for a future painting and is based on a drawing of 1995...