Artist Statement

With a background of "hands on art" such as painting with acrylics, carving and sculpting I was hesitant, at first, about the amount of "art high" I could get from "computer art".

Four years later I am working as the in-house Graphic Designer for a cutting edge Biotech company- BioSource International.

I am creating images that represent my interpretation of such things as Cells secreting proteins, antibodies, dna,..etc.

With no science background this is very challenging for me.

The scientist ask me to illustrate something I have never seen, and often never heard of.

With textbooks and journals we research articles and begin the journey that results in the images your are seeing.

We are often very excited with the outcome.

I've created a look that has set us apart from other Biotech companies and people recognize the style as being our own.

I want my images to to have an organic- watercolor kind of feel, yet all art is done entirely on the computer.

I like to look back on some of the first images I created on the computer and wonder where the next image will take me...but I still love the brush in my hand, and the way paint feels when it's pulled
across the canvas!