Artist Statement

One of the most important developments in the history of visual arts is the use of the computer to help the artist to produce his work.

The definition of art has been widen with the advent of computers and image editing software. Thus, computer art is a new kind of art that provides creativity tools that can stimulate and inspire the artist's imagination.

However, the artist's own brain and feelings are still the most important sources of creativity and inspiration.

The new tools the computer provides open a new range of possibilities that were previously unavailable.

The computer should be seen as an addition and enhancement to the artist's tools rather than as a rival to the traditional media.

The art produced by using a computer as a tool (vector and raster programs) is called computer aided art, digital art or simply computer art.

I was born in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

I lived in Europe (Holland) for about 2 years and at present I live in Sydney, Australia.

Since I was very young I showed my inclination towards visual arts becoming a professional draftsman in graphics companies.

Later I developed professional activities in areas such as physics, mathematics, and computer programming, which transformed and nourished my passion for visual arts.

I have exhibit my contemporary art works at several art venues such as: Fairfield school of arts, major commercial banks, Power House Museum (Casula),
Blacktown council, etc.

My works include oil paintings, oil pastels, ink drawings and computer art ( what I call computer aided art ).