Artist Statement

The boxes are a testament to failed dreams, lost love and new beginnings. They were created over the course of four months. They are a virtual extension of my 'real' boxes, which I've been constructing off and on since 1983.

For this project I turned to the computer for lack of materials and studio space. I was moving around a lot, trying to find a place to settle down.

My desktop was the only tool available to me at the time. This is my first serious attempt at digital imagery.

My inspiration comes not from other artists but rather from my own life experiences, which is as it should be with anyone who makes art. People look at my boxes and the first thing that rolls off their tongue is "Cornell".

I can honestly say I had no idea who Cornell was when I began making boxes and was quite surprised the first time I saw his work.

I enjoy talking to artists who create because they have to, out of a compulsory or spiritual need. They have no choice... their very existence and faith depend upon this need to create. They don't measure their worth or talent in terms of 'success'.

I feel blessed to be living in the South, where many such artists can be found. Their work is honest and unique, unspoiled by the sophistry and vulgarity of the art market.

The idea of the artist as opportunist, art as commodity, is not for me. For me, art is simply another language, the language of the soul, of the heart and mind... a universal language of faith.

If there is a meaning to my work, it would be one born out of this faith, this desire to communicate.