Artist Statement

I have been involved in the arts all my life. Studied in Italy and in the United States. Then worked on commission in an art studio and taught at the Community Colleges (with credentials for all the arts and crafts).

I am now working on my own art and my preferred tool is the computer.

I discovered it ten years ago, and fell in love with it. No unpleasant smells, no dirty clothes, no clean up. It's a wonderful way of creating!

With the discovery of the computer I also discovered a great pleasure in experimenting, and lately, most of my work has been just that.

I start with any subject, most of the times with a photograph I have taken in one of my travels.

Sometimes my start may be a gradient I like, or a drawing I did sometime ago, and then with the options given to me by a program I stretch, and pull and push, until I have a good composition.

Sometimes the whole is too busy, then I have to start all over and eliminate some of the mess. Sometimes, the whole is not enough, then I may add another photograph or another gradient and overlap the results with it.

For this kind of work I feel I need a good inventory of materials. This is when my scanner comes in, and the albums of photographs I have taken throughout my life come in very handy. It is also exceptionally good having a CD writer, to save all the materials, and lots of shoeboxes to store the CDs!

The photographs I like most of all, and I think have a great deal of possibility are the ones I have been taking of architecture, especially modern, because of its simplicity. Gradients are also very handy, they are ethereal and can give good effects whether used by themselves, or overlapping other subjects.

I feel any vegetation can be of use in experimenting too. But careful, it may get busy.

Even though I use photographs in a great part of my work, I like to abstract them. This gives the finished work a certain simplicity free from preconceived objective ideas.

My work can be seen at and a sharing of my ideas can be found on my Bulletin Board.

After a lifetime dedicated to the arts and crafts, as a teacher and practicing artist, the computer was a pleasant discovery.

It is stimulating, and full of surprises. I like my painting to show that they have been done on a computer.

As far as the message in my work is concerned, I am an optimist. Therefore you will see that I do not complain, but pause on the beautiful things in