Artist Statement

The computer is the only new art medium to be found in half a century. For the past seven years I have been using the computer to make art.

The process of playing with many images and types of software provides an infinite number of paths to explore with ever-changing results.

The artwork is created on the computer with an assemblage of collected materials, including family relics, love letters, dead roses, newspaper clippings and whatever else captures my imagination.

Unlike my previous work, similar in size, materials and subject matter, I have taken a much broader approach with my heart, my thought patterns and my palette.

Sometimes the options are overwhelming, and finding the solution to a particular piece may come from within the software parameters, or since the images change when transformed from screen to paper or canvas, the mounting and finishing touches may solve a previously undetected problem. I like the paradox of a very modern format for historical reference material.

My interest and devotion to my subject just barely surpass my love of the process of this kind of creation. My subject matter is somewhat anthropological, with interests ranging from the plight of the local watermen, romances long past, adventurers and the state of family farmers to personal stories.

Everyone has a story.I realized these subjects required more than just single images, so my work has evolved into collages. Many stories are shaped and built from scraps of memorabilia.I enjoy the collecting of possible elements almost as much as the scanning, disturbing the images with software and collaging.