Artist Statement

I'm 50 and make my living working in the humanities department of university library.

I began working with 3D computer art programs, including Bryce, in 1996.

Drawing on a background in both art and math I quickly took to this digital art medium.

I feel comfortable working in 3D mathematical space, but the real focus in my art is on surfaces and textures.

I have numerous ongoing series including simulated glass, stained glass, watercolors, metal, and surreal and abstract pieces. Currently I am posting a new gallery of still images on my web site each month.

Eventually I want to turn some of my attention to surreal and ethereal 3D animations.

I think that has been my real goal all along.

My current 3D still images are a first step in that direction.

I work in relative isolation, but draw inspiration for some of my 3D images from new art books that I catalog as part of my job.