Artist Statement

I've always wondered what it looks like on alien worlds. I can't go visit these worlds so I try to visit them through my art.

My artwork is part analog and part digital. Meaning, I sometimes start by taking a photograph of a real landscape here on Earth and then combine parts of that landscape with computer- generated art. Often I'll add a larger moon, a galaxy or two, more suns, stars...etc... I like a rich sky.

I want the images to look convincing, like they actually could exist somewhere. Most of my images are not complete unless they look real... real enough to satisfy me anyway.

I enjoy looking at all kinds of art. Landscape photography as well as oil paintings of landscapes are inspiring to me. Favorite photographers include, Ansel Adams, Stephen Johnson, William Neil, and John Sexton. I also get a lot of inspiration from artists such as, David Hardy, Thomas Cole, Don Dixon, Michael Whelan, and Jim Burns.

Another huge inspiration is music. While creating my art, I like to have interesting music playing. It helps frees my mind to wander into these places. Popcorn and wine help as well.


"As I am a lifelong reader of Science Fiction, these beautiful images are like slices of my dreams magically transported to a world where I can hold them and keep them."-- David Crosby (Crosby, Stills, and Nash)

"These magnificent images show just how steep the curve has been, when computers and artists can envision far beyond what either could achieve alone. Wonderful works of both skill and imagination! -- David Brin

"Artscapes of water on Mars" "Visions of what might be" "Dreamscapes of imagination" "Songs, can be made of these" "This boy is good" -- Rick Nielsen (of Cheap Trick)

"David's work is full of a serene wonder, but one unmatched in realism and exquisite detail. His work provides us all with an important necessity too rare these days: peaceful refuge for restless minds and troubled times." -- Michael Whelan