Artist Statement

Walter Spaeth was born 1952 in Germany.

He is a German photographer who has been shooting since 1972,originally doing mostly landscape and portrait work.

In 1994 he started to work with nudes and that same year he started doing digital imaging.

Coincidence or not, he has now completely merged the two disciplines of photography and digital imaging into a single art form.

As Walter sees it, photography is the architecture of color, light, and form, and what the computer allows is a measure of control over those principles that he'd never have otherwise.

It's a very powerful way to build a picture. Walter's work possesses a beautiful atmospheric quality much like an impressionist painting.

Such majesty does not come cheap - "My works really just begin when I sit down at the computer, after I've already taken the photograph that I want to start with.

Then ever so gradually I turn the "conventional" image into something that existed before only in my dreams".