Lars Hinrichs

Lars Hinrichs is the originator of the Digital Art Museum, entrepreneur and investor. In addition to his own projects, such as XING, HackFwd, Apartimentum, and Politik-Digital, he actively invests in companies from Europe and the United States. Furthermore, he is a member of the supervisory or advisory board of various companies, advises politicians on digitalization issues and is an active speaker on entrepreneurship.

Lars Hinrichs is passionate about the immersive art of teamLab, and it is his heart's desire to bring this borderless art to Hamburg, Germany and Europe.

Portrait Lars Hinrichs

Caren Brockmann

Caren Brockmann will take over the operational management of the Digital Art Museum as Managing Director, pulling all the strings.

Caren has been working for digital companies since 1999 and was an independent consultant in the field of company pension plans for several years. She has also gained a wide range of experience in sales and marketing. Most recently, she was working as Director Sales at Xempus AG for 6 years. She also has a TEDx license, which makes her an organizer and licensee of TEDx Hamburg. So Caren has had multiple points of contact with the latest technologies and digitalization in general for years, which she now brings to the development of the Digital Art Museum.

Portrait Caren Brockmann

Maximilian Pohlmann
Head of Digital Marketing

Maximilian Pohlmann holds the position of Head of Digital Marketing and is responsible for social media and the development of online marketing. His focus is on brand development, social accounts and collaborations.

Maximilian has been working in online marketing for over 15 years and has already helped to build and grow otto group brands over the last 10 years. Along the way, he has initiated his own online projects, is working as a speaker and runs his own formats such as podcasts, in which he regularly brings industry experts onto the digital stage.

Portrait Maximilian Pohlmann

Yui Higashino
Relationship Managerin

Yui Higashino, as the relationship manager for the Digital Art Museum, is the bridge between Digital Art Museum and teamLab in everything regarding communication, coordination, execution.

Her studies in Architecture also makes her the go-to-person for technical communication between teamLab and architecture partners. After having seen the teamLab’s exhibition in Japan, she is thrilled to be part of bringing teamLab’s artwork to Europe.

Portrait Yui Higashiino